Sochi 2014: Women’s Figure Skating Short Program Results

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6 Responses to “Sochi 2014: Women’s Figure Skating Short Program Results”

  1. ARIRANG NEWS says:

    Sochi 2014: Women’s Figure Skating Short Program Results

  2. Howie ch says:

    Russia homecooking may have gotten yuna silver but if u know figure
    skating, then u know who the best in the world… by a wide margin from the
    rest. If u claim otherwise, u probably dont know the sport or biased with
    ur nationalism or favoritism…

  3. chris man says:

    kim yuna is a queen!

  4. joyis9638 says:

    Negative Post: This is a long post vent and I write it primarily for me so
    … Proceed at your own risk of boredom or disgust!
    It was so disappointing to see Mao Asada go down a bit in flames in the
    Olympic Figure Skating Short Program. She has such a devoted following of
    fans in Japan that she is adored as a national treasure.
    The thing is, Mao has been so outstanding throughout all the International
    Grand Prix Competitions this season especially, hitting her extremely
    difficult triple axle, the one no one else even tries, without much
    trouble. Yet I cannot help but feel really mad at her coach, Nobu Sato,
    because I noticed how he yelled at her just prior to getting on the ice in
    the both the Individual and Team Short Ladies Single Competitions. Sato
    Jackazz has this jackazz idea that if he yells at her, releasing his own
    cowardly stress, that somehow that would help Mao perform better. It is a
    real shame that Mao has had two not so great coaches. I suppose you can
    blame Mao but I don’t at all because when she didn’t have a jackass coach,
    she at least did get an Olympic Silver Medal. What happened just before the
    Vancouver Olympics was that there was some kind of similar shouting jackazz
    crap going on by her coach at that time, Tatiana Tarasova, behind the
    scenes so Mao fired her just before the Olympics. In that case, it was the
    very supportive though inexperienced assistant coach, Jeanetta Folle, who
    took over and the result, even with this big change just before the
    Olympics, was that Mao got the Silver. So it was a bit ironic that after
    jackazz Sato yelled at Mao just before her Olympic team performance, Ms.
    Folle was able to comfort Mao once again. Even more telling, I could see in
    Ms. Folle’s eyes that she was angry, not at Mao, but at Sato, for doing his
    yelling trash. What an effin waste … and what an effin stupid Jackazz
    Nobu Sato is with a capital “J”!
    Well, I and many other Mao Asada fans will always love and adore her but it
    is a damn, damn shame, all her coaches DO NOT and NEVER DID UNDERSTAND that
    the psychological support of your “students” is of the highest importance.
    Tearing them down, especially moments before they are about to skate at the
    Olympics, does nothing good at all except expose you for the jackazz for
    you are, and pretty much guarantee that they will fail.
    Being a teacher, it angers me even more because I have seen how much better
    it is for students personally to feel supported and encouraged to succeed
    rather than threatened or ridiculed. In short, you have to keep supporting
    your students, to help them feel calm, confident and good about themselves,
    no matter effin what. And if you actually try to do the opposite, you are
    an effin jackazz! You see, if our students are led to believe in
    themselves, to feel good about whom they are, then they are far more likely
    to achieve their dreams. It never enough to teach just the “knowledge” or
    “technique to be a good / great teacher or head coach. You have to be there
    keeping the fire alive and ascending ever higher for those under your watch
    and care.
    Dear Mao, my advice is to fire Coach Sato, go to the Worlds on your own or
    only with Ms. Folle, and then win the World Championship once again.

  5. joyis9638 says:

    Kim is always overscored 5 to 10 points … and this kind of invalidates
    her past medals .. Sad …