Skate Canada International 2013

Maritimers would have the scope to get a very rare glance of the top figure skaters on the planet as they shoot the ice for the Skate Canada International 2013 that would take place in Saint John later this weekend.

Some students had the scope to watch skaters giving some practice time earlier on Thursday, inspiring people to dream of lacing up the skates. One of the student stated that he thinks that this would be really very tough to do that. He could not believe that he is here. He expected that someday he would do that too.

Another student said that she expected that some day she could be like that. She just could not think being thrown in the air like that. That was simply awesome.

All the skaters stated that they are looking forward to for a weekend of tough contest. And all of them want to win. They want to set their personal best score. Earlier, they registered their personal best figures in London at the World Championships and their aim is to up that as well as begin the season much better.

The Skate Canada International 2013 contest would start on Friday, with top skaters hitting the ice for the short events in pairs. Unibet have named the favourites on their sports betting website, but in truth it is more a celebration of the sport rather than a fierce contest.

Harbour Station’s general manager Mike Caddell told that they feel very lucky, being able to arrange this event 3 times in their forty year history. It puts the city on the map again. The hotels are all full, the restaurants are also full.

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