Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter games: Dream Figure Skating: Sonic/Mario World

Fairbanks Determine Skating Club Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to “Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Winter games: Dream Figure Skating: Sonic/Mario World”

  1. CJHermanBrick says:

    6:55 It’s a McDonalds sign!!!

  2. CJHermanBrick says:

    19 people need to go to Eggman’s side.

  3. sonamyfan666 says:

    Not really Shadow arguments his speed to match Sonic’s Amy is slower then Sonic but not as much as every one thinks a good example is the Advance games in the first Advance if you get her up to max speed which is hard to do she is the second fastest of the 4 and the second game she enters boost mode right about the same time as Sonic and this is carried over into the 3rd game as well.

  4. hypersaiyangoku says:

    Not really even in Sonic Heroes Amy was slower than Sonic and Shadow, In mulltiplayer if you have a Drag Race, You see that Sonic and Shadow actually pull ahead and Leave Amy as if she’s standing still. I know because I’ve done that

  5. sonamyfan666 says:

    That’s the only game were she doesn’t run that fast I’ve chalked it up to not wanting to lose the bird but past the first game she has always been able to keep up with him.

  6. hypersaiyangoku says:

    I never look at their Sonic Heroes abilities, I look at the Sonic Adventure, the only time Amy could run as fast as Sonic was when she is running up steps

  7. sonamyfan666 says:

    Actually not true Amy is the only character in the series that can match Sonic’s speed with out enhancing her own Blaze uses her pyrokenisis this is shown in the Rush games when running at low speeds she still leaves sparks behind.Also thanks for not being a Amy hater I like Blaze myself but people give her to much credit and overlook that some glaring flaws with her and I’ll admit Amy has her fair share to everyone in the series dose for that matter.

  8. hypersaiyangoku says:

    Blaze without her Pyrokenisis is still much faster than Amy, and don’t think my comment is hating on Amy, I love Amy in the Sonic Series, but I like Blaze more

  9. sonamyfan666 says:

    I understand what you were going for but Amy is more of a main then Knuckles and she did appear before him to so it should be Sonic Tails Amy then Knuckles.

  10. sonamyfan666 says:

    In what sense if you take away her pyrokenisis she’s defenseless Amy can still fight with out her hammer and plus Amy’s a more powerful character able to use Rose Typhoon which is for all intents and purpose Chaos Blast but pink and no need for Chaos Energy making it more useful cause of that.

  11. maggiemonkey100 says:

    I can sooo beat that score!!!! My high score is 184.9!!!

  12. unforgivenCOOKIE says:


  13. gökdeniz kozludere says:

    0:29 how did do that i cant get how to do it 🙁

  14. Sonictails54321 says:

    i found out something, you picked the most famous characters, and they have a classic form!

  15. TheLadyfox27 says:

    this game is tight

  16. SonicFan200000 says:

    and most important….SPEED

  17. coolgal342 says:

    Because they are going by the teammates and the players that apper most frequently (that are good). Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are the main protagonists of the Sonic games. Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach are the main protagonists of the Mario games. Characters like Rouge and Daisy don’t show up as much.

  18. Rachelle miller says:

    Why Yoshi and daisy not?

  19. nintendolife25 says:

    Fanboy alert. That’s completely opinioated.

    “Better music” I can understand this one

    “better story” Only SA2 has a good story that worked ever since

    “better characters” Your opinion because not all characters from that universe are good.

    “better stages” You can’t compare stages frm other franchise. They are too indifferent in gameplay.

  20. Rhewin says:

    Poor Perfect Chaos… reduced to a prop….

  21. MsAnnieTyler says:

    6:55 Nice subliminal message.


    4:40-4:54 epic music

  23. SonicSuperDash says:


  24. AshleighTheWolf says:

    You should have played as Silver in the Sonic stage! He’s my absolute Favorite SEGA character ever~(^O^☆♪