Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics: Shadow – Figure Skating to Ave Maria

Fairbanks Figure Skating Club Video Ranking: 4 / five

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23 Responses to “Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympics: Shadow – Figure Skating to Ave Maria”

  1. SeasonZeroYami says:

    I laughed so fucking hard

  2. Shadreem moa says:

    Nice shadow
    I wish i had this game

  3. BUHHHHHHH says:

    This is hilarious

  4. brenda camacho says:

    vocer: now shadow will be skating a song called “ave maria”
    vocer: staff please

  5. lavender daze says:

    poor Shadow X3

  6. Aera Viing says:

    I wonder if Nintendo let Shadow do this as possibly an inside joke to themselves or just to be funny. Little did they know doing this made fans see how epic and bad-ass Shadow is a figure skating.

  7. erchelledy104115 says:

    he has no blades on his skates when he first says,”I’ll show you my ultimate power”

  8. XxXMusicMonsterXxX X says:


  9. XxXMusicMonsterXxX X says:

    omfg he makes this look so sexy

  10. foxxy moon says:

    I’ll how you my Ultimate Power,………*starts skating gracefully*

    Amy: *recording shadow* >=3 im putting this on youtube!!!

  11. ResurrectedTemplar says:

    2:58 Sonic Adventure 2 pose.

  12. ResurrectedTemplar says:

    Shadow makes figure skating badass.

  13. starandrobluver3 says:

    mmmmmm i like shadow’s pose at the end of the video

  14. Razedbywolves1 says:

    I never knew Shadow existed until I played this game. Now I’m obsessed with the guy XD

  15. SonicDarkness101 says:

    I love how most people use ave maria for Shadow |D

  16. mountaindew18able says:

    Shadow smiling is so adorable! I practically melted when I seen that when I played him the first time!!!

  17. mountaindew18able says:

    that was the first song i picked when i played as him lolz!

  18. ManeveluntDarkness77 says:

    Shadow the Hedgehog: Ultimate Life Form, G.U.N. agent, figure skater.

  19. TinaNokohana says:

    I mean you take a look at the rythum ^^

  20. TinaNokohana says:

    Finally someone who playd figure scating as good as I do =D ^^

  21. knucklesandmanic101 says:

    Shadow: I’m the ultimate…in figure skating! XD

  22. Heater294 says:

    Does he really even need skates?

  23. seppeaesseloos says:

    he’s doing this for MARIA :,-(