Lauren Miller 2011 Special Olympics Figure Skating Expo – Lauren has Down Syndrome

Fairbanks Figure Skating Club Video clip Score: 5 / five

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18 Responses to “Lauren Miller 2011 Special Olympics Figure Skating Expo – Lauren has Down Syndrome”

  1. Eddie G says:

    Great job Lauren!! I was cheering for you even though I was at my computer lol

  2. Will Simon says:

    way better than i could ever do. 🙂 awesome young lady

  3. Haley Franke says:

    This touches my heart

  4. officialmelpeachey says:

    Where in Illinios is this? i’m in Missouri and do special olympics i Figure Skate in special olympics as well as roller skate.

  5. shopperoo99 says:

    Amazing job! I wish I can do that

  6. TheMadameButterflies says:

    I find trying to skate backwards hard….if I did any of those jumps I’d totally fall, but I’m not a figure skater haha, great job though!

  7. SummerSaysSo says:

    Wonderful job!

  8. SummerSaysSo says:

    Wow, Lauren, you make it look easy!

  9. jfluter says:

    Way to go, Lauren! Thanks for the update on your progress. :) Your mohawks, spirals, and spins are much better than mine!

  10. leesahbet says:

    I just watched your video from when you were 10 up until this one where you’re 13, your improvement is fantastic, good job! Loved your performance Lauren x

  11. Ron Clyde says:

    Your improvement year over year is very impressive. It is always a highlight to see your videos….please keep skating and getting better.

  12. mrsmak2857 says:

    What an amazing skater you are! You have a great talent, congratulations on a stellar peformance!

  13. Terri Umland says:

    You rock, Lauren! Awesome performance.

  14. luvsinging34 says:

    Congratulations, Lauren! You’re terrific! I love your dress, too.

  15. SteveTIB1066 says:

    Fantastic! Super job Lauren! What an inspiration!

  16. vlsorensen says:

    She’s amazing! What a dollie. Great job Lauren!!!

  17. Chad Broughton says:

    Way to go Lauren!

  18. landjbrescher says:

    Wonderful performance!