Figure Skating Men Free Program Complete Event | Vancouver 2010

Fairbanks Figure Skating Club Online video Ranking: four / 5

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  1. nightswimmer99 says:

    I REALLY hope Patrick Chan wins in Sochi or that some guy comes from nowhere and wins it over the Russian and American men. If he does I will join his official fan club – and I don’t join fan clubs as a rule.

    I’m so sick of the arguments over Lysacek vs. Plushenko. They both have an Olympic gold medal now. Let’s all move on, please.

  2. NewDawnFades608 says:

    Because your username definitely isn’t indicative of any bias or anything….

  3. LishaMaree18 says:

    Im only a recreational figure skater, and the rink i skate at says they are the only olympic sized rink in the town i live in, however im FAIRLY certain my rink is not that big….

  4. areading12 says:

    I watched this during the olympics, and although I’m not an expert I agree with the judges. Lysacek’s skating seemed much cleaner and I personally enjoy watching him skate just as much (if not more) than Plushenko. Plushenko’s jumps seemed a little unbalanced. Also, just because you take a greater risk with difficulty does not always mean you should win. It’s the performance that matters the most. (I watch a lot of gymnastics and the biggest tricks don’t always win)

  5. wkellis1 says:

    Just really looked at this for the first time since watching it live and slowed it down and froze it in places. There are visible errors and deductions in Plushenko’s program that the technical specialist obviously saw and scored accordingly and the program was very front loaded. The IJS is what it is, and Plushenko said himself after that he refused to adjust his program to it. Different choreography and he may have won, but he wouldn’t or couldn’t do those jumps after the half way point.

  6. rubysammy444444 says:

    Won’t load

  7. iloveplushenko says:

    Wikipedia: “Quadruple jump controversy”
    Plushy’s jumps were landed-neither two-foot nor under rotation but Evan did mistakes which are not visible to non specialists.I live in Europe and read and heard many Euro and Asian experts that said Plush’s two programs were more difficult and more ambitious and he should have won.And it was so outrageous how after the SP the judges gave both of them the same score so Evan could have a chance to beat Plush. Plush’s SP was so much superior to Lycacek’s.

  8. danm025 says:

    How can so many people agree with this?? Because he did one quad and had better “presence” he deserved to win? His ending position was blowing a kiss to the audience for goodness sake! This is not an exhibition routine, this is the Olympics! Evan had more jumps in the second half, more difficult footwork and spins, and he was cleaner on his jumps overall. I don’t understand why it was so close to be honest.

  9. jedheadcindy says:

    If I would be a judge, i would say 1. Plushenko , 2. Lysacek and 3. Johnny Weird. I love Johnny’s style of skating.

  10. lala630312 says:

    Boring, I tired of this ridiculous sentence. The point isn’t changed, in Europe Plushenko is the real winner. Sorry.

  11. wb5704 says:

    wrong, one quad by means guarantees a gold. sorry.

  12. MissKenapy says:

    Daisuke Takahashi 🙂

  13. lala630312 says:

    “Quadruole jump controversy”. Check it on Wkipedia. In Europe Plushenko is the rreal winner, sorry.

  14. lala630312 says:

    No. You believe in your hostile and liar media. Lol! Plushenko did’nt pass his silver medal as platinum, it was a mistake made by someone from his official site, one of the administrators probably. It wasn’t even his idea, he said in an interview “as my wife said today, is actually made of platinum”, because one gold+ one silver= platinum. And his fans liked it, and sent to everywhere. Plu is clueless when it comes to internet, his official sites.

  15. Andrea M.R.Santos says:

    Concordo, Johnny merecia muito mais….

  16. lorlorlover says:

    Evan is the clear cut winner! his flawless program and his amazing dedication proved him to be the winner, and boy did he deserve it. yes, Plushenko did quads, but his spins weren’t up to par nor footwork. having all the quads in the first half wasn’t a good decision of his, because during the 2nd half of your program theres a 20%increase on points for any jump. GO EVAN! sorry guys, take it from a skater, evan kicked plushenko’s ass.

  17. shingo1990ful says:

    Kozuka’s long program had the best music. And he nailed the quad for the first time. Too bad he struggled in the second half.

  18. ducky3307 says:

    Did you know that Evgeni Plushenko still has himself pictured wearing Olympic gold instead of silver on his web site????? LOL

  19. ducky3307 says:

    Plushenko did a quad true…but it wasn’t clean. Evan however skated a spotless program and deserved the gold..Sorry..get over it.

  20. Carigelomex says:

    Ganó la maldita Vitola 🙁

  21. sneeyize45 says:


    Weir deserved to be the Bronze medalist.

    Plushenko was a poor sport and doesn’t understand that the sport is supposed to be more than about landing a quad.

  22. Brianna Caulkett says:


  23. Carigelomex says:

    No me importa que no me entiendan, pero voy a opinar que Johnny Weir merecía mayor calificación en esta presentación porque lo hizo perfecto!

    El ganador del oro, olvidó la gracia y el buen gusto en su casa, porque patina aburrido y feo.

  24. Krikxdiamrek says:

    Plushenko merité de gagner :/

  25. mlc2005 says:

    I def. agree with you on that. Chan is obviously a great skater, but I’ve never quite figured out why the judges always give him obscenely high scores.