Figure Skating Ice Dance Compulsory Program Complete Event | Vancouver 2010

Fairbanks Determine Skating Club Video Rating: 4 / five

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23 Responses to “Figure Skating Ice Dance Compulsory Program Complete Event | Vancouver 2010”

  1. brt Mari says:

    Was Tessa and Scott kissing?

  2. binkerrrrr says:

    only tessa and scott can get an audience clapping to compulsory dances

  3. carey579 says:

    1:52:00 Can anyone please tell me what music Meryl and Charlie skated to?

  4. nana pegy salas says:

    tessa y scott !!

  5. carey579 says:

    1:52:00 My favorites <3

  6. Cindy Ho says:

    I personally like the Italian team the best

  7. Cindy Ho says:

    What where they saying in Italian?

  8. Carmen1995ful says:

    Well, Compulsory always had some kind of… magic(?) to me, but watching these records it just seems to me that nearly no one tries to pic some other music than the Tango Romantica… It´s a nice piece of music, but there are many other great pieces of music for a Compulsory!!

  9. Maggie Swinford says:

    Love it i’m a ice skater

  10. Bnizzofashizzo says:

    LMAO! I have been trying to figure out her look for years now. You nailed it. I am liking her more with her hair down these days. When it’s up, there is something off about her look.

  11. gavin376 says:

    I will miss the compulsory dances too.

  12. Dennis Michael says:

    I am a roller judge and tight footwork means a lot on rollers.  The Russian and French teams – not the vintage French team – had great footwork. Meryl had a few wide steps and I was surprised the team was scored so high. Virtue and Moir were the best all around team. I’d place them 1. Russians 2, young French team 3, , Davis and White 4. Belden and Agosto 5.

  13. nightswimmer99 says:

    Thank you so much! You’re a lifesaver. Thought I’d have to search.

  14. szqsk8 says:

    I miss Torvill and Dean!

  15. belladonna137 says:

    i believe them winning was the politics of the sport instead of the talent being aloud to shine…they were two of the worst ice dancers i have ever seen and i am happy to see that style of dance dying out cuz it is exactly what stopped me from watching during the 90s and early 2000s – the sport was a joke, it was like watching a bad circus.
    Thank God for Marina Z and Igor S for taking it to a new , beautiful, glorious level that i am thrilled to sit and watch 4+ straight hours of it 🙂

  16. Ele Pa says:

    How the hell did the Russians won the compulsory dance? My fridge gives off more heat then them !! And also technically the Russians not seemed to me better than Virtue and Moir nor than Davis and White. I am glad that finally were awarded the best

  17. gimichi says:


  18. hikari6986 says:

    Whoa! Meryl Davis looks like a Na’vi xD

  19. jasmin8ter2010 says:

    Don’t let these skaters’ costumes fool you. Figure skating is actually a sport. You do have to be an athlete to do some of those fancy moves. And most importantly, you have to know how to ice skate.

  20. belladonna137 says:

    americans meryl davis and charlie white @ 1:51:20
    And Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir @ 2:27:28!!! 😀
    both teams have the same coach and practice on the ice together ♥

  21. muscleboi4use says:

    I am really going to miss the Compulsory Dances…. no disrespect to any other teams… but Tessa and Scott’s compulsory was far ahead of anyone else’s. They are perfectly matched and fly around the ice.

  22. ERic Guerrero says:

    REally Really thanks for this video! I loved this olympic w. games,.

  23. LilithAurora says:

    Thanks a loto for this video *_*