Figure Skater Joannie Rochette on losing her Mother at the 2010 Olympics

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25 Responses to “Figure Skater Joannie Rochette on losing her Mother at the 2010 Olympics”

  1. loonylovegood27 says:

    omg, she kind of looks like a young JK Rowling ­čś«

  2. loonylovegood27 says:

    ): so sad.

  3. jh43jy says:

    Silver medal was supposed to be Joannie’s, not Asada.

  4. willham95 says:

    @NoFrag0 actually, she draped herself in the Canadian flag after her win. If she were truly in it for Quebec (ALONE), she wouldn’t have displayed ANY flag. I’m not saying she DIDN’T do it for Quebec but you can hardly say she didn’t do it for Canada as well.

  5. NoFrag0 says:


    yeh but she didn’t do it for the ROC, neither does any athletes from Qc

  6. oldmoviemusic says:

    Quebec is apart of Canada, hence she was a representative of Canada in its entirety. There is no need to segregate the two.

  7. NoFrag0 says:


    She performed for her home and her people. Which isn’t Canada but Qu├ębec

  8. Dragon000 says:


  9. coul4597 says:

    GO qu├ębec GO!!! I was so proud of her at those games!

  10. verbod says:

    that was a stupid idea.

  11. phchartrand says:

    She could say… no. Going everywhere and anywhere to talk about her loss when it happened almost yesterday is really troubling for me.

  12. fanieli says:

    @phchartrand Under these kind of circumstances, it was evident this would make news everywhere. So just zip it up and show some respect.

  13. fanieli says:

    @sweiland75 COme on! R U saying she used her mother’s death to be known? What a stupid thing to say. She was already known when her mother was still alive.

  14. 02stv says:

    Please stay in Quebec…sigh

  15. waddleduckie1 says:

    Such a strong woman, Joannie is extremely admirable in trying to deal with the loss of her mom. Luckily for her, Joannie’s in a circle of friends, family and fans, including her admirers. Hopefully, most women will now be aware that heart disease is a leading killer of women, breast cancer comes in 3rd. Thanks to Joannie’s mission is to help educate women about heart disease. Heart disease is not just a man’s illness.

  16. averageworkinggal says:

    It’s obvious that Joannie was going to compete in Vancouver no matter what.
    Vancouver was her Olympics, her whole life. She could not pass on it.
    Unfortunately “what” occurred, the worst possible circumstances that any Olympic competitor had to face in the midst of the competition of their life.
    As she said, that medal is her life.

  17. IrishEyes1989 says:

    Joannie was an inspiration to all of Canada at the Olympics. We love you Joannie!!

  18. averageworkinggal says:

    I know she’s a Francophone, but why not have Joannie as Governor General of Canada instead of Bill Shatner.
    It’s the turn for Anglophone as Governor General, but Joannie does interviews in English, so let’s make her eligible.
    After all, it was Joannie who “Boldly Go’d” in real life in Vancouver.
    Bill just “Boldly Go’d” in make believe on a Sound Stage.
    Joannie was also the most influential Canadian in the 2010 Time 100 Poll.
    She’s already a (ice) Queen.
    She’s perfect for GG of Canada.

  19. ontarianitch says:

    she was surely a Bronze performer at the Olympics this year

  20. Get2TheDeLorean says:

    so fine

  21. CadetBrandon says:

    @phchartrand dude,her mom died before she could watch her perform for the medal. It is not like she is purposely trying to draw attention to that, but everyone is asking her about it, so she can’t refuse. So please, show some respect.

  22. GunFactor007 says:

    Damn, I love The Hour!!!

  23. antdude93 says:

    @phchartrand XD well its not her fault if people want interviews…wtv

  24. phchartrand says:

    @antdude93 She could stay low for a while, she just loss her freakin’ mother…

  25. antdude93 says:

    @phchartrand that’s cause that’s all anyone asks her about