Debi Thomas 1988 Olympics SP

Fairbanks Figure Skating Club Online video Ranking: four / 5

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24 Responses to “Debi Thomas 1988 Olympics SP”

  1. livuali says:

    not about you alex!!!!!

  2. MrOu83 says:

    Jeans? She’s not wearing jeans. That’s a unitary that is most likely made of Lycra or some spandex-like material.

  3. Debra Crellin says:

    Wow!!! I saw this when it was televised live… to skate in jeans,no less, and to skate with so much power, control and grace…and ,of course, heart…Wow!!!

  4. genovia hepburn says:

    that white girl is tooo pissed!

  5. Roman Ruiz says:

    WE LOVE YOU DEBI—–!!! 🙂

  6. Roman Ruiz says:


  7. sloams says:

    Loved Debi’s short program!! If only she had had this type of energy and focus in her Long Program!! Interesting side note: towards the end of the video, they show Debi’s mom, to the right of her is Kristi Ness—Kristi Yamaguchi’s Coach, who of course won the Gold Medal 4 years later. :-))

  8. MrOu83 says:

    @tella23 – No, the judges placed Debi 2nd and Katarina 1st in this SP. Debi placed 2nd in compulsory figures, Witt placed third in figures. Debi moved into the overall lead following the SP and Katarina was 2nd entering the LP.

  9. MrOu83 says:

    @tranurse – I loved the unitard she wore in this SP. Unfortunately, some of the European judges did not. They preferred that she wear feathers and expose a lot of a*s like Katarina. Ironically, the outfit didn’t seem to be a problem for her about a month later at Worlds, as she won the short program over Witt.

  10. azbaldy5 says:

    She was GREAT IN THE SP if she had skated like that in the LP there would have been no doubt !!!! Katerina could not touch her !

  11. avonee1976 says:

    She was such a fantastic skater! So strong, such extension, such height! She was nailing those edges like she was walking in the park. I’m sure that if she hadn’t fumbled in her LP, she would have been the first African American woman to win an Olympic gold for figure skating.

  12. DietrichHamilton says:

    a work of art.

  13. MrOu83 says:

    @gheefreak – She was an undergraduate and then medical student, and of course, an olympian. She is now an orthopedic surgeon.

  14. tranurse says:

    i never figured what was so wrong about this costume. she was covered, and since her routine was more of a powerful, for lack of a better word, a little fluffy costume wouldn’t have worked.

  15. Rachael Thomson says:

    ….She’s a med student and an Olympian. She must never sleep.

  16. tella23 says:

    I love the footwork, and can someone advised if Thomas actually did win the short? To my knowledge Thomas was 2/or 3rd after figures, 1 after short. Let me know if this is right?

  17. kerito1993 says:

    I agree with you about Midori lacking artistry but who are you to say her technique was horrible? Even Men at her time is at awe at her technical ability. Maybe now her technique wouldn’t work but during her time her technique was the best in the world.

  18. MrMcMusic01 says:

    Midori Ito was a jumping machine and nothing more. And even her jumping technique was horrible. Figure Skating is about more than just jumps, or at least is should be.

  19. mlc2005 says:

    I just can’t get into these programs because I keep thinking about how royally screwed Midori Ito was. If you watch Ito’s short and long, there is no WAY Ito should have gotten anything but first place ordinals. I realize she bombed the figures (tracing shapes on ice), but they should have at least acknowledged her vastly superior free skating. I mean, she put Thomas and Witt in the dust.

  20. MrOu83 says:

    @wph1966 – I guess that’s why her tecnical merit marks were so high? If any skater was overrated during her era it was Katarina Witt and her over-the-top antics and costumes. Witt was on her toes during most of her 88 Olympic short program.

  21. TheSienna29 says:

    Witt should have placed 1st in the SP. She had great jumps, footwork and most importantly artistry.

  22. 3LEGIUN3 says:

    A Awesome Display of Dancing (YES DANCING) oN iCE… Such a spectacular PERFORMANCE, Body control abnormal and DEFINING tha Law Of Physic’z Amenably!!!


  23. firmingitup says:

    I think (and of course could be wrong.We’ll never know) had she skated her LP perfectly, they would’ve still given it to Witt b/c they wouldve downgraded her artistic marks and back in those days, the artistic marks won the comp. But even if Debi had still come out ahead with that, they would’ve just changed the ordinals so Witt could win. The crowd was on Debi’s side but the judges were on Witt’s, I think.

  24. JUNGLEJIMY123 says:

    We will always love Debi. !!!