Asada – Women’s Figure Skating – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games

Fairbanks Determine Skating Club Video clip Score: two / 5

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14 Responses to “Asada – Women’s Figure Skating – Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games”

  1. danilol7 says:

    mao will always be queen of the triple axel and nobody can ever take that away from her

  2. dnjftjs says:

    3 minutes glory…hahahaha

  3. sjlim958 says:

    no beautiful…

  4. flagongreen says:

    why did they cut out her triple axel from the video?

  5. Esther Ko says:

    Yuna Kim will always be the queen!~

  6. VicGon07 says:

    Totally disagree with Mao being second in the SHORT program!!!

  7. yi81 says:

    Where did her world’s first three times of triple axels at Olympics go?

  8. elenavlada says:


  9. wa02ch01 says:

    Taiwanese girl?

  10. maki1155 says:


  11. iakehkoskhaifh says:

    she is cute looks younger

  12. 96MsHamster says:

    Mao is the best of the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. saga2828 says:

    no words… :)) i love ice-skating^^

  14. tegoshisama says:

    mao-chan…u should not take sliver..u belong to gold n world number 1~!!..ganbatte~!!!..will support you always ><~!