1948 Winter Olympics Figure Skating – Dick Button and Barbara Ann Scott

Fairbanks Figure Skating Club Movie Rating: five / five

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22 Responses to “1948 Winter Olympics Figure Skating – Dick Button and Barbara Ann Scott”

  1. RiesenWuschel says:

    Sure i know that, but i still like comparing it. Who wouldn’t? And who of
    those who commented and pressed the play button did it to marvel at
    sportive achievements. I guess everyone here thought something like: “Hey
    cool… this might be funny… just imagine the costumes and the just
    barely developed network of talent scouts and sponsoring for figure skating
    in that decade…”

  2. Bambi Piddleton says:

    thanks for this clip – I haven’t seen a lot of skating vids from the 40’s,
    I enjoyed seeing Button and Scott here, as well as some skaters I had not
    heard of before.

  3. Julie Chung says:


  4. houseofnight1996 says:

    Figure skating is definately more… artistic. As in it has more dance
    incorporated into it now a days.

  5. itsinthechicken1560 says:

    Thank you, thank you for this precious footage!! What a treasure. Barbara
    Ann will always be my idol! – forever……. RIP Barbara Ann.

  6. PecanSandees23 says:

    Thank you for posting this. I can’t imagine where you found it. So much has
    changed in the years; I’ll never understand the bent free leg on the
    landings of jumps.

  7. Olivia Naab says:

    Skating was so dainty back then. I love it.

  8. kpopsk8rgrl1 says:

    lol I know I was just saying~ ^^

  9. Allison Manley says:

    Thank you for this Floskate!

  10. filipinoICEsk8ter says:

    If skaters in Juvenile or novice traveled back in time, they would win the
    competitions. So amazing how figure skating evolved because of these great
    champions. Thanks for the upload.

  11. tpro80 says:

    Thanks very much for posting this. After hearing so much about Dick Button
    being back to back Olympic champion, I really wanted to see this history
    being made. Thanks again.

  12. firmingitup says:

    I wonder why they edited out everyone’s triple axels and quadruple toe
    loops…(just kidding! ;-P)

  13. HowDareThey1970 says:

    Except they would flunk at the compulsory figures

  14. itsinthechicken1560 says:

    you weren’t alive 64 years ago!!!! Skating has evolved. But this was the
    BEST in the world at that time. Grow up!

  15. TheAdamMiller1 says:

    oh my god=]=]

  16. RiesenWuschel says:

    Just watch this! …. …. gosh imagine that guy in todays girls figure
    skating on regional level… he probably would make it…. ;p

  17. cilluzza08 says:

    Rest in peace Barbara Ann!!!

  18. HattieLovesCattie says:

    Who’s the gal that fell?I’m sure those ponds later became sites for hotels.

  19. Sam says:

    A lot changes in 60 years!

  20. bemar A says:

    Thank you! I don’t see the “famous” double lutz of B. Ann Scott, here is
    only one revolution lutz

  21. FergusMcDopey says:

    Uncle Dick! He was such a twinkie. Barbara Ann is adorable, may she rest in

  22. kpopsk8rgrl1 says:

    I could’ve easily won the Olympics o.o