Patrick Chan: Team behind the scenes

Fairbanks Figure Skating Club Video clip Rating: four / five

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  1. masaki0812axx00x0x0 says:

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  2. TheNesly123 says:

    HOT…………….that is all.

  3. lotrlovermr says:

    The dancer is Mikhail Baryshnikov.

  4. donixin says:


  5. klzhqefsnd says:

    I can’t understand the name of the danser that Cathy Jonson showed him, can someone help me ?

  6. Estonian4life says:

    so handsome…

  7. creativespirituality says:

    Joseph Gordon Levitt 🙂

  8. micem1 says:

    s. g!t

  9. MichalisRbw says:

    9:00 i laughed soooo hard:P

  10. 16x9onglobal says:

    Since the time of this broadcast (March 24, 2012), Patrick successfully defended his world championship title and also parted ways with coach Christy Krall.

  11. lotrlovermr says:

    Thanks for the upload. Very interesting.